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The purpose of MGSOYA is to engage parish young adults in fellowship and study of the Faith.  MGSOYA is a ministry for young Adults from their early 20’s and upper 30’s. 


MGSOYA operates under the umbrella of MGSOSA, which will serve as the parent organization. MGSOYA was created at the Youth and Family Conference in July 2012 with Dr. John (Jayme) Kadavil from St. Thomas Church, Baltimore, Maryland, as the first elected Secretary of MGSOYA.  Under the guidance of His Eminence Mor Titus Yeldho and Rev. Fr. Bijo Mathew, Dr. Kadavil will lead MGSOYA leadership which include clergy and lay leaders throughout the Archdiocese.

On September 28-29, 2012, at the National Archdiocese Leadership Camp (NALC 2012) in Dallas, twenty individuals participated in discussions to brainstorming MGSOYA purpose and activities.

In July at the Youth and Family Conference 2013, with the approval of His Eminence Mor Titus Yeldho, MGSOYA became its own young adult ministry. His Eminence also appointed Rev. Fr. Zacharia Varghese, as the new Vice President.

Implementation: Initiating Pilot MGSOYA Chapters

Five pilot parishes/areas (Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore-DC Metro, New York) were identified with the goal of meeting before Jan 1, 2013 and to have a fellowship event. We will leverage the experience of St. Peter’s Chicago, which is an established ministry for ideas and feedback.  MGSOYA leaders will support chapter leadership by offering resources and templates to be used at the parish-level.

Implementation: Proposed MGSOYA Activities – Local/Parish Level

The leadership team developed the following ideas that could be implemented at the parish level:

  • Networking/Connection/Fellowship – MGSOYA will use these events to develop a community for young adults.  MGSOYA events would include a fellowship event (Bowling, etc), service projects, marriage seminars.  From the MGSOYA meetings, it may benefit the members to create gender based fellowship (men and women’s fellowship) to address concerns or issues.
  • Parish Level Leadership Training – In an effort to transition young adults into leadership positions at the parish level, MGSOYA will provide feedback and support on how to be more involved with serving in parish committees such as working alongside the senior members of the parish.
  • Supporting MGSOSA – MGSOYA will provide help and guidance to their younger brothers and sisters in MGSOSA.  Ideas proposed included:  Career Day and assisting MGSOSA events (financially or physically).
  • Structured Classes – MGSOYA will research various learning mediums and recommend a structured class (i.e. “13th grade”) with an accompanied book to understand the Church.

Implementation: Proposed MGSOYA Activities – National

Outside of the parish, MGSOYA will also launch the following initiatives that will benefit young adults across the diocese:

  • Understanding the Faith – MGSOYA would also enable assistance in understanding the Faith by providing the following:
    • Recommendation on a common Bible (Orthodox Study Bible),
    • Common prayer book (evening and morning prayers)
    • Common Holy Qurbana book (in progress)
  • Online Education – Members who attended NALC will also participate in a pilot online Book Club. The book club will be lead by the members and be initiated in December 2012. Members across the Archdiocese would also able to participate in an online Bible Study.
  • Supporting Future Seminarians – MGSOYA would gather funds to support men and women to attend seminary in the form of tuition assistance.
  • Young Adult Focus at YFC 2013 – MGSOYA created an itinerary of workshops and seminars geared toward the MGSOYA audience at the National Youth and Family Conference on July 25-28, 2013 in Dallas.  Fr. Jospeh Huneycutt was the keynote speaker.
  • Regional Retreats – A regional MGSOYA meeting is also being looked into where members would all come together for one day.
  • NALC 2013 – MGSOYA conducted a structured business meeting at the National Archdiocese Leadership Conference on October 25-27, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois.

Evaluation: Tracking Progress

The leadership team will meet monthly or bi-monthly to monitor the progress of MGSOYA parish/area units.

Past Events

Next Steps


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