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Qleedo which means key – aims to provide a key to prayer. It’s designed to connect the faithful to our saints and each other via accessible technology. Culture, language, and time are no longer barriers.

At its core, Qleedo points users to the appropriate prayer indexed to the church calendar. The season, festival, and hour are programmed so that the prescribed text will display in the right language. Saints are prominently featured, and their names auto-populate in the right place. The entire biblical text is included with easy search. Helpful, scripture based thoughts and study aids are served. Church music will be offered, properly indexed to time and text.

A social feature will provide secure connections with clergy and one another for prayer, support, and advice. Role based access will allow for a tailored experience. Users may customize the app to suit their tastes.

Possibilities for charitable campaigning and disseminating faith related materials will be integrated as the app is continuously updated and enhanced.

Qleedo is a non-profit endeavor whose development has been funded by MGSOSA, the youth ministry arm of the Malankara Archdiocese of the Syrian Orthodox Church in North America, and MAVA Partners, an IT consultancy. Development is being carried out by Cerebtec Labs, Kochi who is also arranging content and marketing support initially from the dioceses of Kochi and UAE, as well as the MSOT Seminary. The intent is to involve all dioceses of the Malankara Church and eventually the entire Oriental Orthodox community.

We plan to involve all our dioceses and faithful from all walks of life, whether speaking Arabic, Malayalam, English, Hindi, Syriac, Spanish, German, Swedish, Dutch, French, or Portuguese.


Visit Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/qleedo


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